A life-long nomad, technologist and designer often found cycling, running or in the woods.

Born in the U.K., raised in the U.S., living life exploring the world alongside my family.


For much of my life I've been a designer and technologist directed toward accelerating the creative work of others. I tend to flow between technology, design and business. As such, I've been called a generalist.

In 2009 I launched Kickstarter with Perry Chen & Yancey Strickler. Since that time, Kickstarter has been catalyst to Academy Award winning films, National Design Award winning products, brought art to the desert, launched a satellite – creating over 300,000 jobs, distributing over $3.0 billion to creators across every continent. By now you've likely participated in a Kickstarter campaign as a backer, and maybe even launched your own.

After leaving Kickstarter at the end of 2013, I began exploring new ideas in empowering independent creators.

Lost Arts was born during the summer of 2015 as a one-month experiment. A new format of workspace for ambitious creators in the 21st century. What began in a 4,000 square foot abandoned meat packing plant has grown into a 25,000 square foot space on Chicago's Goose Island. We've incubated urban agriculture products powered by AI, interactive public art installations, ovens producing amazing breads, and myriad other ideas.

"The rules were always meant to be broken. We're only breaking them faster."


I've had the privilege to share my views on entrepreneurship, the future of work, design & technology, and the creative economy with a global audience. From Moscow to Shanghai, Norway to Indonesia as well as the United States. With audiences massive and intimate I've shared the stage with such idols as Steve Wozniak, Kofi Annan, Jeanne Gang, Erik Spiekermann, Debbie Millman and others.

The fine folks at Chartwell manage my participation for all events globally. For enquiries please email talks@charles-adler.com.



From podcasts, articles, tv and documentaries, I've contributed thoughts & ideas related to technology, design, entrepreneurship, art, philanthropy, architecture and more.

For enquiries, please email press@charles-adler.com. You can download a bio and high-resolution photo here.


  • Lost Arts – A new workspace for the global community of ambitious creators.
  • Kickstarter – The largest funding platforms for creative projects.
  • Source ID – An independent design and technology studio based in New York and San Francisco, closed in 2009 during Kickstarters rise.
  • Subsystence I – 1996 broadcast site, empowering a global network of underground DJ's and electronic musicians.
  • Subsystence II – 2003 update, broadening to creators at large – music, photography, art, poetry, fiction, interactive art.


  • Designer Fund – A founding member of the Designer Fund Guild, supporting the Designer Fund, their portfolio companies and broader network of entrepreneurs & designers.
  • Freeman Design Leadership Council – Advise executive leadership on future technologies, culture and design toward a massive corporate change.
  • Chicago Design Museum – Executive Board member, focused on fundraising and economic growth.
  • Wabash Lights – Board member focused on establishing the first ever deeply interactive public art works in Chicago.
  • Techstars Chicago – Mentor, providing guidance and leadership to young entrepreneurs.
  • Chicago Humanities Festival – Advisory Council, aiding this deeply philosophical and critical institution evolve into the present and future.